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                Trust, Excellence and Brilliance
                Clear eye protection

                When the users operate your equipment outdoors, do they feel unclear about the display content and even feel uncomfortable?. Full use of AG glass clear eye protection, give the user a comfortable experience. For a variety of fields and industries, please review our products.

                Etching AG glass batch production, professional R & D team

                Engaged in etching glass industry for 20 years; master etching formula, process core technology; strong R & D team, technical parameters can be adjusted according to customer needs; automated production equipment, with batch stable production capacity, to ensure quality and delivery.

                Be bold in innovation, standardize production and enrich etching experience

                Since its inception, glass has been providing first-class services and technical support to customers all over the world with first-class products and system solutions. The company has won the national 3C compulsory certification, China green building materials certification, ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, consumer satisfaction product certification, hundreds of invention and design patent certificate.

                Customer service and engineer technical support

                Most glass suppliers just give you a price, full of information to give you a set of solutions. Customized processing, large parameter adjustment range.

                Must read & News

                Shenzhen all touch and display exhibition
                Suzhou light auspicious Display Glass Co., Ltd. (C-TOUCH SHENZHEN & DISPLAY 2017) is the 2017 China (Shenzhen) International touch screen and display exhibition.
                1.Concept and method of anti glare
                Anti glare (AG) is the effect of anti reflection light on vision of our eyes. Anti-glare glass, also called non reflective glass or anti reflective glass, has a lower reflection ratio than ordinary glass, and the reflectivity of light is reduced from 8% to 1%.
                2017 expanding activities
                The 2017 annual meeting of the company will expand
                2.Optical parameters and relationship of anti glare glass
                The main factors affecting the anti glare effect of glass are transmissivity, reflectivity, surface roughness, glossiness and haze. The relationship between them is shown in figure 4.
                3.Appearance defect and quality inspection instrument of anti glare glass
                Bad anti glare glass in the process of the appearance of the main circle, linear and convex defects.
                4.Application of anti glare glass
                Anti glare glass is mainly used in mobile phone, touch screen, advanced photo frame, electronic whiteboard, flat panel TV, rear projection TV, LCD screen, TV splicing wall, industrial instruments and meters and other fields.
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